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Proudly woman owned & operated!

A few years ago I fell in love with the original Woodboogah (my husband, Eric Thorpe) and quit my design job in Downtown Los Angeles and moved 3,000 miles to the beautiful state of Maine. I absolutely love Maine, but unless I was a design consultant for my clients in New York I didn’t have a job here, so I did what anyone would do in their spare time…. I started to knit beanies! One night, my husband came home to a pile of beanies on the dining room table and asked if I was going to start sell them because there is a limit to how many beanies one man can wear. Woodboogah was born!

Woodboogah is named after my husband. When we first started dating, he was living in Maine, and I was living in Los Angeles. He would come visit me at my Downtown office. Eric’s native Maine accent quickly became the most popular office topic with my clients from all around the world. When my clients would curiously ask who he was or where he was from, I jokingly gave him the nickname Woodboogah. The nickname stuck! All my clients loved the nickname and would come to visit me just to see “The Woodboogah.”

Our love story inspired me to spread love in this beautiful state of Maine. We empower and support local businesses and entrepreneurs in hopes to build Maine’s local economy all while giving back to local charities and organizations along the way.