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Woodboogah | Maine-Made | Cashmere | Beanies

Fingerless Gloves

Maine-made cashmere wrist cuffs

Camden Fingerless Glove - Wicked Stormy Ombre

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Camden Fingerless Glove - Wicked Stormy Ombre



I designed our fingerless gloves to keep you warm on the chillest days but keep your hands free for the more important things like writing a book, winning a thumb war, or knitting a beanie. Our soft cashmere/wool blend makes our cuffs durable for any adventure. 





Sold as a Pair 

Made in Maine

Wicked Stormy Color

30% Cashmere/70% Wool

100% Leather Woodboogah Label


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I have the Camden cuffs and absolutely love them. First, the quality of workmanship and materials used is remarkable. Even the branding tag is leather and neatly sewn on to top of the cuff. I love the ombre pattern that gives life to neutral colors. Lastly, these things really work! Speaking as someone that’s always saying “I’m cold” these cuffs really helped keep the chill out and definitely extended my vest wearing season!
— Heather Marie